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5 Considerations for Choosing Cabinets


There are so many decisions to make when doing a majorkitchen remodel. One of those decisions, and perhaps the biggest, is choosing cabinetry in Calgary. Because it will be the most expensive aspect of your kitchen renovation, you want to make sure you get cabinets that match your design style, budget and functionality requirements. Here are some things to consider when choosing cabinets in Calgary:

Type of Wood

Common wood types include cherry, maple, oak, alder and birch. Higher end cabinets can be made in walnut, acacia and even pecan wood.The type of wood you choose will determine the price, appearance and strength of the cabinets too. If you’re not sure what would work best for you, ask Calgary cabinet companies for advice.

Style and Design

The style you choose for your door and drawers will determine the overall look of your cabinets and your kitchen. Ornate molding will give your kitchen a traditional look where shake-style doors will give a clean, transitional look. Not sure what look you’re going for? Check out these cabinet door styles.


The main function of your cabinetry in Calgary is to provide storage for dishes, food, appliances and other kitchen items. At home chefs might require more storage for equipment as well as more counterspace for creating meals. Other’s might install cabinets and shelving to display art in the kitchen. From wine racks, slide-out shelving, built-in cutting boards and task lighting – you’ll have to decide how your cabinets will need to be built to work the best for you and your family.

Custom, Semi-Custom or Stock Cabinets

The highest quality choice is custom cabinets. With custom cabinets, you have more options regarding style, wood, special features and even the layout of your cabinetry. Options with stock cabinets are limited, but they are the most affordable and can still be made of quality, solid wood. They are a good choice if you have a standard kitchen layout and a tighter budget. Semi-custom cabinets are mid-range, with more options than stock cabinets but less than custom.

DYI or Pro Installation

Some Calgary cabinet companies offer ready-to-assemble or assembled stock cabinets that you can purchase and take home immediately. This is a good option for handy DIYers who want to save on cabinet installation. Most cabinet companies, especially custom cabinet companies, will require some time to design and build your cabinets and offer full installation services. This is something to consider if cost is a major factor in your purchasing decision.

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