What to Know Before Remodelling Your Kitchen : Infographic

Is your kitchen beginning to show its age? Are you unhappy with the placement of appliances within the room? If so, the time may well have come to think about renovating this core part of your home.

Before you start tearing down cabinets, though, you’ll need to plan the renovation carefully. Think firstly about what you want to improve within the kitchen – do you want the cooker and sink to be closer to one another, maybe? Perhaps you feel that the whole colour scheme is all wrong and needs modernisation?

Then you’ll need to consider the size of your current kitchen and whether expansion may be required. Is there some unused space in a corresponding room into which you could extend the new kitchen? Furthermore, it might be a good time to upgrade older appliances, seeing as the space around it is getting a radical overhaul.

Oh, and there’s the small issue of budgeting. A common rule of thumb is to cap your kitchen renovation budget at 15% of your home’s value. Therefore, if your home is valued at £200,000, then £30,000 is a reasonable budget to allow for renovating your kitchen. Cabinets, appliances and countertops are likely to take up a good portion of the overall expenditure, along with the costs of labour and materials.

The infographic below from Pennywell gives plenty of sage advice on what to consider if you’re thinking about remodelling your kitchen, as poor planning or execution could leave you with a room you don’t want but one for which you paid big bucks to get reworked.